Niue - 2008 - 1$ - Painters of the World - HENRI DE TOULOUSE-LAUTREC - 28,28g


  • Mintage Limit  ONLY - 15000
  • Coin with Colour Printed
  • Coin in capsule+with Certificate of Authenticity
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Availability date: 2015-05-30
  • Mintage Limit  ONLY - 15000
  • Coin with Colour Printed
  • Coin in capsule+with Certificate of Authenticity

The Mint of Poland (Mennica Polska) is proud to announce the release of a new, low-mintage silver coin issued for the nation of Niue Island. This coin was minted at the historic Warsaw Mint. The rectangular proof reproduces three masterpieces by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, two in full color: Aristede Bruande at His Cabaret, from 1892, one of his most famous flambouyant portraits, and Jane Avril, from 1893, one of his many portrayals of the dancers of the famed Moulin Rouge, and finally his stylized self-portrait. A photographic-style depiction of the artist is included as well. In addition to its rectangular shape, the coin also features colorization on both sides.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Post-Impressionist Master
Henri was born in 1864 to a long-pedigreed aristocratic family, but this was perhaps not as beneficial as it sounds. His parents were also first cousins, and he suffered many illnesses as a child which many people attribute to a history of inbreeding in his family tree. During his life he was often mistaken as a dwarf, but in fact his stature was due to having broken both his legs (one at age 12, the other at 14) and neither bone healing properly, causing him to stop growing in height.

Toulouse-Lautrec photoHis physical hardships pushed him to intense interest in his art, and also to a lifestyle of alcoholism to escape the ridicule of strangers due to his appearance. He fell in with the bohemian crowd in the Montmarte area, center of the many caberats, racetracks, and bordellos that became his favorite haunts, as well as providing the inspiration and topic for much of his art. Henri could often be seen at the clubs, drinking and laughing, all the while sketching away in his breezy style. He would produce many small-scale sketches and line drawings that he would then turn into larger, brightly colored canvasses.

Unfortunately, his poor health (to which his drinking contributed greatly) took its toll, and his career spanned a mere 20 years. Nevertheless, in that time he produced over 6,000 works, from drawings to ceramics to prints to full canvas paintings.

On the left side of the coin: a fragment of an outstanding painting of the Lautrec – "Ambassadeurs": Aristide Bruant. Under the lithography: an image of the head of the queen and an inscription: Elizabeth II. On the right side of the coin, along the side: a vertical inscription presenting the name of the issuer and the year of issue: NIUE ISLAND 2008. At the bottom of the coin, on the right side: the face value 1 DOLLAR.

On the left side of the coin, in the upper part: an image made with the use of pad print: color lithography – Jane Avril in Jardin de Paris and below: the date of birth and death of the painter and his signature being a replica of a signature from one of his paintings. On the left side of the coin: the painter’s

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1 Dollar
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Niue Islands
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